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Free Real Estate Agent Training Newsletter

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Last year 16,442 homes sold in the greater Dayton market.

That’s plenty of business to go around for all of us.

We’ve been fortunate to sell over 180 homes last year and our average agent earns over $50,000 a year with us.

The same training they get will help you do it as well.

So, if you’re interested in knowing what we’re up to here, and you’d like to stay current on the latest strategies to:

  1. Generate qualified seller leads
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Here’s what a few agents say about our free training:

"I had interviewed several brokers and agencies before I even got started in real estate. I was looking for direction in getting started. I was looking for a broker who would teach me real estate. After I had got my license I spent the next year with 4 different brokerages. Every broker was a gifted sales person. All of them had sold me on how much time they would spend with me, teaching me real estate, building my pipeline, and contracts. After I got started with each of them it was apparent they were all there to just get my monthly fees. Learning was self taught. But then I found Denise Swick. She has taught me more about this business in 60 days than I had learned the prior year. She works with me every single day on growing my business and expanding my knowledge in the real estate industry. She is personally invested in my success. Denise is why I am still in the real estate industry with a positive outlook on my future success." - Mark W

"Working in another real estate office, I sought Denise out from her positive reputation and asked her advice on a few issues, she took the time to coach me once a week and this was several years ago. Denise Offers a common sense approach to selling while others try magic formulas or offer excuses, her common sense approach is unrivaled in today's market. As a new agent looking to gain knowledge or training let her 30+ years of experience guide you and keep you at the forefront in what is a competitive market. Others may promise you the world, but once you are signed up the cheerleaders disappear, mentors are scarce and you are left to fend for yourself." - Bryan O

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We look forward to staying in touch. Let’s raise the standard and training of all real estate agents in Dayton.

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