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Denise Swick
Denise Swick

Dear Real Estate Agent:

I understand that you may be working at a brokerage or are a newer agent just recently getting started. Perhaps you’ve been in the industry for a couple of years and have been successful thus far, yet you find yourself lacking the kind of consistency, income, and support you desire.

For some people, this can be painful. In fact, a lack of sufficient training, structure, and accountability leads to many agents leaving the industry altogether. Studies show that 87% of agents leave real estate within the first five years of getting their license. Even after 10 years, the average income of agents is only $49,000 according to the National Association of Realtors.

Agents like this run out of money, get distracted, and fall flat in their career due to a lack of support. They jump from company to company looking for help, follow shiny objects, become inconsistent in lead generation, and spend money on ineffective systems and advertising.

This leads to a lot of uncertainty and stress. People have no idea whether they will see another paycheck after their next contract. This can lead to bankruptcy, foreclosure, divorce, failure, repossession, and more.

The truth is that some agents just aren’t prepared for the industry, or our team. On our team, we ensure that our agents are given the tools, systems, training, and support they need to be successful and reach their goals. We have high expectations and hold our agents accountable.

I’m Denise Swick and I’ve been successful in the real estate industry for the last 30 years. I’ve developed a proven, repeatable system to get consistent results. I’ve taken bartenders, servers, and other sales professionals into real estate, where they’ve earned in excess of $50,000 in their first year with us. We have the accountability, training, and structure to help any agent become successful. Our daily coaching, consistent and continuous skills training, and team structure ensure our success.

Our 20 lesson training module will teach you everything you need to know to get started off on the right foot in this business. It includes courses like building your referral base, business planning, leveraging time and money, pricing properties to sell, and much more.

No other team in Dayton is able to provide for their agents at the level we do.

Some of the things we offer are:

  • Consistent income
  • No monthly bills
  • High level of professionalism
  • Accountability
  • 20 lesson training module
  • The ability to create confidence in your abilities

On top of access to our systems and training, agents also gain immediate credibility when they join our team — due to the high volume of business we’re doing at all times. We’re selling hundreds of homes per year, and can teach you what we’ve learned so you can get to that level as well.

In short, you could continue at your current pace — making inconsistent income, paying for your own marketing and advertising expenses, and having little freedom in your life and career. You could look for higher splits elsewhere. You could also join a team that promises coaching and training like we do, yet are inconsistent or inexperienced and unable to do that. Or, you could take the first step on the road to success and join our team.

From day one, you’ll get started on the 20 lesson training module. You’ll also go through a six-week extensive boot camp and 90-day intensive sales training to learn and refine your skill level. Every day for six weeks is scheduled with valuable learning and training modules that are separate from the 20 lesson training module I mentioned earlier.

If you apply with us right now, I can guarantee a 45% split in your first year. You won’t have to pay any fees, other than your own education expenses and NAR, OAR, and DABR dues. If you follow our system and don’t make $50,000 in your first year, I’ll pay you the difference.

Our process works, yet don’t just take my word for it. Greg was a bartender before joining our team. He was working long shifts and missing a lot of time with his daughter because of it. He tried selling insurance, yet that didn’t work out because he didn’t have any sales training. Once Greg joined us, he is making over $50,000 a year and working far less than he was before.

Agents on our team are known to thrive. In fact, the primary reason agents leave or are let go is due to their own lack of motivation. If you are willing to work, follow through on expectations, and meet your goals, you will grow as a person and an agent on our team.

Now is the time to turn around your life and career. Time is money, so why waste it? We have the systems, so let’s put them to work for you. Enhance your life by applying to join our team today.

I look forward to talking with you soon.

Denise Swick

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