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What's the Single Biggest Mistake Buyer’s Agents Make?

What’s the Single Biggest Mistake Buyer’s Agents Make?

Today, I’m going to share an insider tip that every single buyer’s agent needs to know.


Hi, it’s Denise Swick, the broker at Re/Max Performance

Are you ready for it?

The buyer’s agents submit an offer without first inquiring about my home seller’s motivation and really, this is the responsibility of the buyer’s agent

A good agent should do everything possible to find out about what’s motivating the seller, yet, this happens so rarely, it’s mind-boggling.

▶️▶️ Some are looking for the highest price

▶️▶️ Some are looking for a quick and smooth escrow

▶️▶️ Some have a deep emotional attachment to their home

One of the houses I listed received 11 offers 💰💰 and not one of the agents called me ahead of time to learn more about my sellers

So my tip for buyer’s agents is this.


‼️ Never submit a purchase offer without first finding out as much as you can about what’s going to make the home sellers happy ‼️

▶️▶️ What terms are they looking for?

▶️▶️ What kind of emotional attachment do they have to their home?

In this market buyers and their agents need all the help they can get to win the bid

If you are struggling to get your offers accepted, I’d be happy to share more best practices and ideas

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