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June 11, 2020

How Do I Get My Buyer’s Offer Accepted?

You just received another email saying that your offer wasn’t accepted for your buyers again 🤬

You ask “How do you I get my buyer’s offer accepted?” 🤷‍♂️

You’re frustrated 😤, the buyer is most likely pissed off, and you do not have clue what to do to fix it.

At the end of this video, you’ll have an opportunity to receive the 8 Ninja Tips To Get Your Offer Accepted Over A Cash 💵Offer.

One of the biggest mistakes with real estate agents is they are afraid to lead their clients. They are fearful of offending them or the client getting upset.

In this video, I’m going to explain to you the three biggest mistakes agents do in hot 🔥 markets to lose out on offers and how to correct it.

I will tell you that the buyers will get upset at you if you do not lead them ❗️. This week I was speaking with one of the agents in the office about this very situation. She had written 9 offers for her clients, and yet they are her clients because she has a buyer brokerage agreement signed with them. That’s another topic. However, she was saying how they are getting upset at her and the process and she feared losing them 😱 even though she has a commitment and contract signed with them.

I asked if she was doing the driving or allowing the client to drive. She said what do you mean ⁉️

Well the Biggest mistake #1 is:

✅ Allowing the client to lead the offer process.

It just makes sense in this market there are so many offers on houses and only one will win 🥇. So what I hear most agents doing is asking the client what they want to offer. That puts them in the lead. They have no idea most of the time what to offer. They know what the seller is asking but that is it. Buyers think that if they go a little over the asking, they are doing a seller a favor. They tend to feel in their mind they are paying more than they asked, why wouldn’t they take it 🤷‍♂️ . Yet then they ask for part or all of their lender expenses or closing costs to be paid for by the seller. They ask for a home warranty. The agent typically throws in that $300 toward an owner’s title policy, and don’t even know why 😳.

All of this, my friends, reduces the net amount to the seller. None of the items “typically put into an offer” does the seller have to pay just because they are tradition in Dayton, Ohio 🏠. The way to correct this is to really have the conversation with the buyer of net versus gross to the seller. Yes, they may be offering $5-$10,000 above asking price yet, when they ask for the majority if not all of that back in seller concessions it isn’t even a full price offer 😔.

✅ Biggest mistake #2

Not asking the right questions from the buyer. Like for example, can you pay your own closing costs or can your lender finance them❓ Do you really want a home warranty❓Explain the positives and negatives of the warranty and let them decide. Often times the buyer can use some or all of the money they were going to use later to fix the house 🏡 up, change the carpet or whatever they wanted to do, yet in this case using it now to make a stronger offer is better than not getting the house they want. After the sale they can save money again or finance it 💸. A lot of times now at 0% or at very small amount of interests 👍.

✅ Biggest mistake #3

Being afraid to be the professional and tell the buyer what needs to be done if they want this house 🏠

This is the part where you as the agent have to be strong 💪, must be professional and must be completely honest with the client.

What I mean by this is it is your duty to say things to the buyer like “we’ve lost out on X number of houses, right? What is the highest number you are willing to pay, such that if you still do not get it, you’re not mad at me, or at yourself, for going higher or mad at me” 🧐. If they give you a number you know won’t do it, then tell them that. That is your job. To know the values and to know the market and to know how to get your client the house they really want and the offer they want 😁. Just last week, I was having a conversation with a buyer who was upset about not getting a particular house, literally said to me, “well if the agent would have told me to go higher, I would have. I just didn’t know.” They don’t. Exactly you guys, this is why when you’re sick, you go to the doctor 👨‍⚕️. You can self-diagnose yet do you.. When you have a problem sue or get sued, you legitimately can represent yourself in court, yet you won’t. Why you hire a professional to help you have the upper hand and get well or win 🎉. This is just like that. Professional real estate agents are ones who aren’t afraid to have conversations with clients and to tell them the truth about what they need to do get the house the want.

I hope this advice helps 😃. There are so many tweaks we as agents should be doing to best represent our clients. If there is any assistance I can offer, please feel free to reach out 📱. And in the comments if you want our 8 Ninja Tricks or Steps In Order To Get Your Offer Accepted Over A Cash Offer, then drop your email 🖥below, and we will be happy to send it to you 👍

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