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May 3, 2020

Everything has changed while it is really the same…7️⃣ Facts you’ll want to know if you are considering selling a house during the Corona Pandemic😷

I’m going to share 7️⃣ facts regarding our current situation in this country only as it pertains to selling real estate🏡 There is so much uncertainty in our country🇺🇸 and in the world🌏 right now and for some everything has changed. In real estate🏠, at least in the Dayton metropolitan area, the market is extremely strong📈, the buyers buying right now are life experience buyers. Here are 7️⃣ facts you must consider if you are thinking🤨 of selling your house this Spring or Summer🌷🌞… ✅ There are still more houses selling right now then are coming on the market, what I mean is from the shelter in place order on March 20th through this week there are 5️⃣6️⃣9️⃣ that were newly listed after that date that aren’t under contract yet and 1️⃣4️⃣6️⃣4️⃣ that are! PLUS another 1️⃣5️⃣1️⃣3️⃣ houses that have gone under contract and closed🤑 ✅ Right now there are better qualified and pre-approved buyers wanting to 💵🏠buy houses than in a typical market with banking institutions raising their mortgage availability standards. ✅ There are SIGNIFICANTLY less⬇️ other Sellers in the market for your house🏠 to compete with, which can mean a better selling price and terms for you. You can visit http://www.DaytonRealEstateOnline.com for a free market evaluation. ✅ You will have far fewer physical showings on your house, meaning less wear and tear and less likelihood of just👀“looky-lou’s”👀 coming through your house. ✅ Right now due to the Shelter in Place orders across the country and in our area, banks are not requiring physical appraisals, again equating to less people in your property. They are conducting desktop and drive-by appraisals in a lot of cases.👩‍🏫 ✅ You may have more time to make a move⏱, many buyers before this current situation wanted to close ASAP and move in at closing, currently we are seeing motivated buyers wanting to buy a house, yet they really have more patience with Sellers to either find something for themselves or make their move. ✅ Virtual technology💻 of showing buyers virtually your house through video walk-thrus outlining and detailing the special features and benefits that your home has to offer as well as virtual open houses📱simply exposes your house far more than what some others were doing before by just placing the home on the MLS and putting one dimensional photos📷 online. This means for you even more of those qualified Buyers being able to see your property and tour it on their own time. However, due to the complexity that has changed in this market in what seems like over night it is even MORE important than ever to hire an experienced agent👩‍💼 with the right systems and the right technology tools to expertly negotiate💵 the best deal for you on your sale.

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